Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More on the Saiga .223

The more I shoot this rifle, the better of an idea it seems to be.  First, let me tell you where I've gone with it.  I painted it and threw on a huge 12x BSA scope I'd had lying around.  The rifle got to be a depot for all my spare accessories.  I picked up a Streamlight tactical light in the CZ (Veckol Valley) and fixed it to the UTG scope mount that I used to mount the BSA Cat's Eye.  I guess either militia or smugglers dropped it near what we all call "the slaughter house." 

I'm not a big BSA guy but the scope did what it was supposed to do down at the gun range.  So I started thinking.  What if I started making this my go-anywhere gun?  Fine, but it needed to be camoed for the CZ since out there concealment was such an issue.  Black rifles could be spotted from a long ways away out there.  So I went to town on a paint job to match the colors of the countryside out there. 

With all that done, I decided to totally serious about the rifle.  I started taking it to the range a lot and running a lot of ammo through it.  With my cheap scope on it, I could hit the bottom of a shaving cream can all day at more than 100 yards.  I'm no big fan of .223/5.56 but I'm starting to come around. 

So far, I haven't seen an AK this accurate.  My Saiga .308 is even behind this one.  My Ak-74 might come close if it had optics but I don't see that ever happening.  Sure, the huge scope is a little tough to get used to but I'm not the first guy to sacrifice a little comfort for accuracy.  I did get my hands on a Nikon P-223 scope through a trade and I'm considering putting it on the Saiga instead.  This will happen quickly if I go to the range and find that the BSA hasn't held its zero.  What do you guys think? 

The light is incredible.  Of all the loot I've brought back from the CZ, this is the best find yet.  A coyote was coming after some cats in my parents' yard the other night and I happened to be there with it.  My dad told me unless I had nightvision not to bother going after the coyote.  I cranked up the streamlight and he was impressed.  The light was perfect and didn't create a glare in the scope.  In fact, I haven't used the lit reticule in the scope in a long time because the Streamlight performs so well. 

I decided to dump all the cheap mags for it too.  Don't buy cheap magazines for this rifle.  I had a few and they just jammed or outright broke.  So I ordered a single SGM magazine from Midway USA.  First, it got here three days earlier than expected.  Second, Midway had an excellent price on it.  Third, shipping was $5.  Fourth?  It turned out to be a damn solid magazine.  It fit into the rifle like a glove ought to fit your hand.  That was it for me.  This was soon going to be my carry gun.  Maybe it wouldn't replace my AK-74 but it would for sure be a great backup.  So now I'm planning to purchase a new SGM magazine every month until I have enough for a combat load out.  As with my AK-74, I plan to carry at least six to eight mags. 

I'll let you guys know more about this rifle later on.