Thursday, June 30, 2011

About the author? Sure. Why not?

I'm a pretty ordinary guy in my book.  I'm either in the mountains or the swamp, depending on what I'm doing that particular weekend.  I normally carry an old EEEPC with me for writing when I get the chance.  You know, if it breaks, no big deal.  Those things are worth next to nothing these days. 

I try to stay in shape by walking, running and weight training.  Here's me out for a pleasent Sunday stroll. 

I also stay in shape by keeping up with my daughter.  Like most folks in rural Georgia, she drives a truck.

Here's me at Yosko's in Augusta, Georgia.  This is where the majority of Cruel New World:  FN-1 was written.  I absolutely love the food and the service there.  I highly recommend them if you ever find yourself in the area.
I'm  a social person too.

I enjoy travel too.  Everywhere I go I consider making it into a new location for Cruel New World's stories. 

Cruel New World: FN-1 to ship on July 7th

So far the pre-orders have been pretty good!  Thanks folks.  One day with my agent's permission, I might showcase the gallery of cover designs we went through until the current one was decided on.  One thing about your first published book:  you'll never look at any book the same way again.  Once you know how much goes into even a simple, short boring book, you'll still have respect for it.  Then you go and write a very involved and exciting book like the one I've written and its another story altogether. 

To tell the truth, I felt over my head a few times.  There has been very few times in my life that I've felt like I bit off too much.  Most of the time I adapt quickly and TCB.  This has taken some time to get used to and get into the swing of. 

I want to thank Mike Kiser again for keeping me focussed on what needs to be done.  I highly recommend him as an agent.  You know, I think if I had hooked up with the average book agent, this project would have died on the vine.  Meeting and working with Mike was a stroke of luck, pure and simple. 

So get ready for your copy to be in your hand, reader.  I can't wait to hear back from you all.

Welcome to the Cruel New World blog!

Hi everybody!  I'm writing this blog to give people on-the-fly updates on the Cruel New World book series.  Here we'll discuss the books as well as fill you in to what is going on with the series. 

First things first!  We've got a short comercial we're working on for the book.  That is going slow, no lie.  The only tough part is getting enough people together at one time to do it. 

Right now we're working on getting reviews back and getting promotional items made for the book, such as tee shirts.  All of that takes time but its coming along steady.