Thursday, June 30, 2011

About the author? Sure. Why not?

I'm a pretty ordinary guy in my book.  I'm either in the mountains or the swamp, depending on what I'm doing that particular weekend.  I normally carry an old EEEPC with me for writing when I get the chance.  You know, if it breaks, no big deal.  Those things are worth next to nothing these days. 

I try to stay in shape by walking, running and weight training.  Here's me out for a pleasent Sunday stroll. 

I also stay in shape by keeping up with my daughter.  Like most folks in rural Georgia, she drives a truck.

Here's me at Yosko's in Augusta, Georgia.  This is where the majority of Cruel New World:  FN-1 was written.  I absolutely love the food and the service there.  I highly recommend them if you ever find yourself in the area.
I'm  a social person too.

I enjoy travel too.  Everywhere I go I consider making it into a new location for Cruel New World's stories. 

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