Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Page 105 of Baron of the Coast

My story about the early life of a post WWIII pirate king is really coming along.  I started on it last week and already it is half done.  Yes, it is a Cruel New World book, set in that universe but it is 10 or 15 years after the height of the war.  I'm giving everybody a break from Mitch and Wade for a while even though I think I'll turn this book over to another editor and see if I can't get it out ahead of the second CNW book.  The second CNW book is well over 500 pages long and there is no way it will be through the editing process anytime soon, I imagine. 

This book flows differently than the others and is written in first person.  Unlike the first CNW book, this one isn't loosely based on anyone I know.  But this book can stand on it's own more easily too.  You don't have to know what the first CNW book was about to get what is going on in Baron of the Coast.  The second CNW book (not yet titled) is fairly dependant on the reader at least having an idea about what happened in the first one.  But I feel like enough people read the first CNW book to know what to expect for a part 2.  I might add a little more background to it when the time comes, who knows?

Baron of the Coast is about a lot of things besides just a rising pirate king.  It is about the illusion of freedom and the frailty of material wealth inside a blossoming police state.  It is about how someone works hard to define himself rather than let those who dislike them do it for him.  The book is also about leadership: what happens when you have too much and not enough.  The book is a lot more action packed  CNW and packs more of a punch page for page. 

And you can always expect my books to be relatively crammed full of after-the-bomb knowledge I'm collected in my head over the years, as well as field craft I've learned or had the luxury of being taught. 

As far as politics go, there is some in this book but not nearly like what you'll see when the second CNW comes out.  I might post exerts from both books on this blog as time goes by.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just to clear things up a bit...

I know there are a lot of people out there who feed on Internet drama.  Hey, nobody can argue the entertainment factor there.  That being said, I hate to shut this facet off but let's all get something straight.  I've got nothing against Mike Blevins aka Vonbluvens.  As far as I know, he's got nothing against me. 

I owe Mike Blevins a lot in terms of talent development.  Mike helped me out a lot with my writing and encouraged me to stick with it back when my books gave people headaches to read.  Same story with radio and speech making.  Mike should have been a high school teacher for art, lit or history. 

Have I spoken with Mike Blevins in years?  No.  His life went one direction and mine went another.  A lot of people have serious grudges against him but I'm not one of them.  Life is easier when you aren't selecting yourself for judge and jury from life's volunteer legal corp. 

I take up for Mike a lot too.  I feel like he does the same for me if the situation to do so crosses his path.  Who knows or cares?  I really don't think about Vonbluvens and the whole thing with him much except for a see our names in the same phrases a lot.  I'm sure he's doing fine at whatever he's into now and doesn't worry much about street politics. 

All that aside, people should take a different attitude about people who leave the nationalist scene.  If someone puts in time and energy, get things done and then leaves, fine.  Even if they change their opinions, the damage is done to the enemy, the good is done for the friends.  As long as they don't turn on people with the intention of doing them harm, then they can do whatever they wish with their lives for all I care.  I say this because I've seen a lot of good people run off or quit because of the bad people who will never quit.  I think we actually force people into the other camp sometimes by this cult-like mentality of "only traitors leave."  If someone gets frustrated or disheartened, they should go.  Bad attitudes are infectious and Mike had a bad attitude for a long time.  He needed to get on with his life and finally did.  There is a lot of talk about the what, the why and the how but that is something for the message boards, not my blog.  If Mike wants to clarify anything or speak his piece, he's welcome to do so on here.  Nobody is going to stop him but they can debate him at length if they'd like.  As long as everything is solid and legal, hey, go nuts. 

Arch of Titus by Mike Blevins

Me, I almost left myself.  Family life got good to me but I was bored.  So I dabbled in politics from time to time but mostly concentrated on my writing.  Then an old friend of mine was killed by an illegal alien and boredom was replaced with anger.  And here we are now.  

So anyway, there is no bad blood between Mike and I or anything else.  He just doesn't talk to anybody anymore.  No big deal.  I hope he has a good life.