Friday, July 11, 2014

Baron of the Coast published!

Its been a while since I updated this blog but I think this is something worth talking about.  I published Baron of the Coast and its available on Amazon.  I went through Create Space this time just to try it out.  Its a rather easy, no pressure, no hassle way to publish something.  I may return to my old publisher for the next Cruel New World book but I'll wait and see. 

Baron of the Coast has been well received so far and sales are picking up.  And this is now while there are no review copies out yet.  I'm working on that as we speak.  So far everyone seems to like Baron's dad and the people under him more than Baron himself.  A friend even said he liked the idea of Baron's mom.  None of those characters were really given much thought.  Baron's dad is just a typical two sided drunken parent who is loved by his peers and dreaded by his family.  He wasn't very hard to write about.  Baron's mom is a typical woman living after the bomb and realizing that there is no longer a future in being a trophy wife.  Now it means more to be able to assist in making a home and helping your family to survive than just looking pretty and popping out a baby every few years. 

Everybody I put a lot of thought into, such as the bullied traitor, Will Jenkins for example, has been barely mentioned.  I'll say this though, for whatever reason you liked Baron of the Coast, its a good enough reason.  So far one person has pointed out a few phrasing mistakes but other than that, there have been not a single complaint. 

I think people enjoy seeing how a smashed up world affects the more well off individuals.  Its one thing to say "look at how the survivalist own the situation" or even how the young and healthy adapt.  But what I find more interesting is how the moneyed, chemically dependent, pampered or just sedate living people handle the bottom falling out of the world.  In that way, Baron of the Coast is kind of the opposite of Cruel New World FN-1.  Cruel New World was about young guys who already knew the woods and swamps of Georgia better than most folks know their own living room.  They lived in the wreckage of the old world and lived better than they had before, minus the presence of the Chinese Chemical Warfare Assessment Team with whom they tangled. 

My next book to come out will be Ticker 2.0.  I'm finishing that one up now.  In fact, now that I've got an easy way to get the books out, I don't think it would be unlikely to see a book from me every 90 days or so.  There are even a few old books I wrote that didn't have bad concepts in them but were just poorly written.  I might dust some of those off and give them a re-write. 

So here's the link for Baron of the Coast.  I hope you guys like it!