Friday, July 8, 2011

Cruel New World review by Wyatt Kaldenberg

Cruel New World

Christopher Drake’s The Cruel New World is the first book in a series of action novels about rural folks surviving in the American back country during World War Three. Communist Red China has invaded the United States of America, and a group of rednecks try their best to stay alive in a world that is imploding before them. These people aren’t heroes. They are anti-heroes. The sort of average folks you would find at a gun show, a seedy bar, or drunk at a NASCAR race. Actually, some of these folks are a bite below average and could be termed as “poor White trash” or “lowlifes," but they are the types of common people who down through history have risen in times of need and became true heroes.

Christopher Drake is a capable writer who knows well the country folks he writes about. Mr. Drake is a proletarian author in the same working class camp as the two-fisted hard drinking writers Jack London and Frank Norris. He writes from the sweaty brow of the common man.

Christopher Drake makes his people come to life. The Cruel New World gives the reader engaging characters and page turning excitement.

Christopher Drake’s The Cruel New World is a prophetic novel about things that may well come true. The realism of Mr. Drake’s fiction makes it important.

Wyatt Kaldenberg, author of Perceived Heathenism and Odinic Prayer, Odinism in the Belly of the Beast, Odinism in the Age of Man, and Odinism: The Religion of Our Germanic Ancestors in the Modern World.

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