Thursday, July 21, 2011

A few pictures from the border.

I want to start by telling all Americans, and the world, that the situation on the American/Mexican border qualifies as a low intensity conflict (a little war).  You can agree or disagree with the politics of it all but nobody can disagree on that fact.  That being said, I can't see how anybody except a someone who was an outright communist of the Stalinist brand or someone in the employ of the drug cartels would be for keeping the border the way it is.  Well, I've seen it all for myself and now I'm here to share a few pictures with you. 

 This first set of pictures are of a shack we located right before we caught up with 3 narcos.  No shots fired on this occassion.  We checked it again a night later.


And thats the guy who wrote Cruel New World.  I guess I'm a particular kind of author who doesn't live in a fantasy world.  What I experience in the field goes straight into my books. 

 This guy below was near death when we rescused him.  He had been with another two whom we'd rescued earlier.  All of them were out of water but this guy was in the worst shape.  He would have been just another pile of drying bones if we hadn't come along.  I'm sure he'll be feeling great and back to smuggling drugs again in no time!

This cat on the left is wearing a hat depicting the saint of smugglers.  I guess his saint had the day off, huh?  These two tried to bribe us not to call BEP.  First they held a Bible out at us, then offered cash, then drugs.  BEP took them and their dope into custody.  Complete cartel scum bags. 

This is a popular perch for narco spotters. 

This is another one.

This is me right after we had our first blown tire. This added hours to an already lengthy patrol.

Here's a truck load of dope that men from my team intercepted.  Some estimates put the value at over a million bucks.  The local cops helped out with this one. 

Group shot of about half the people there.  This didn't include base camp staff. 
That's all for now!

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