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Something to consider about the war on the US/Mexican border.

Make no mistake, there is an undeclared war between the American citizenry and the drug cartels in Mexico.  This battle against Mexican-bourne tyranny has never been just the fight of those who live in border states.  Here is a quick list of defenders at the Alamo which I scaled down to illustrate my point. 

Juan AbamilloSergeantSeguin's cavalry companyunknownTexaskilled in battle
James L. AllenPrivateunknownJanuary 2, 1815Kentuckysurvived
Robert AllenPrivateForsyth's companyunknownVirginiakilled in battle[3]
Horace Arlington AlsburyPrivateGarrison translator, courier1805Kentuckysurvived
George Andrewspossibly aka George Anderson, QuartermasterNew Orleans Greyskilled in battle
Miles DeForrest AndrossPrivateBlazeby's infantry company1809Bradford, Vermontkilled in battle[7]
Micajah AutryPrivateHarrison's company (Volunteer Auxiliary Corps)1794Sampson County, North Carolinakilled in battle[8]
Juan A. BadilloSergeantSeguin's cavalry CompanyunknownTexaskilled in battle
Peter James Bailey IIIPrivateHarrison's company (VAC)1812Springfield, Kentuckykilled in battle[9]
Isaac G. BakerPrivateGonzales Ranging Company of Mounted VolunteersSeptember 15, 1814Arkansaskilled in battle[10]
William Charles M. BakerCaptainunknownMissourikilled in battle[11]
John J. BallentinePrivateCarey's artillery companyPennsylvaniakilled in battle[12]
Richard W. BallentinePrivateunknown1814Scotlandkilled in battle[13]
John J. BaughCaptain (adjutant staff officer)unknown1803Virginiakilled in battle[14]
Joseph BaylissPrivateHarrison's company (VAC)1808Tennesseekilled in battle[14]
John Walker Baylor, Jr.PrivateDimitt's companyDecember 1813Stone Creek, Kentuckysurvived
John BlairPrivateunknown1803Tennesseekilled in battle[16]
Samuel BlairCaptain, assistant to ordnance chiefOrdnance Department1807Tennesseekilled in battle[17]
William BlazebyCaptainCommanding officer of an infantry company1795Englandkilled in battle[17]
James BonhamSecond Lieutenantrode in with BowieFebruary 20, 1807Edgefield County, South Carolinakilled in battle[18]
Daniel BournePrivateCarey's artillery company1810Englandkilled in battle[19]
James BowieColonelCommander of volunteers, co-commander of the garrisonApril 10, 1796Logan County, Kentuckykilled in battle
Jesse B. BowmanPrivateunknown1785TennesseeAccording to most lists, Bowman was killed at the Alamo.[22]
George BrownPrivateunknown1801Englandkilled in battle
James BrownPrivateunknown1800Pennsylvaniakilled in battle
Robert BrownPrivateunknownpossibly 1818survived
James BuchananPrivateunknown,marksman1813killed in battle
Samuel E. BurnsPrivateCarey's artillery company1810Irelandkilled in battle[26]
George D. ButlerPrivateunknown1813Missourikilled in battle[26]
John CainPrivateCarey's artillery company1802Pennsylvaniakilled in battle[27]
Robert CampbellLieutenantHarrison's company (VAC)1810Tennesseekilled in battle[27]
William R. CareyCaptainCommanding officer of his own artillery company "The Invincibles"1806Virginiakilled in battle
Charles Henry ClarkPrivateNew Orleans Greys, under Breecekilled in battle.[28]
M.B. ClarkPrivateprobably Baker's companykilled in battle.[29]
Daniel W. CloudPrivateHarrison's companyFebruary 20, 1812Lexington, Kentuckykilled in battle.[29]
Robert E. CochranPrivateCarey's company1810Merrimack County, Pembroke, New Hampshirekilled in battle.[29]
George Washington "Wash" CottleGonzales Ranging Company1811Hurricane Township, Lincoln County, Missourikilled in battle.
Henry CourtmanPrivateNew Orleans Greys under Breece1808Germanykilled in battle.[30]
Lemuel CrawfordPrivateCarey's company1814South Carolinakilled in battle.[31]
David CrockettColonelHarrison's company, fought near chapel & palisadeAugust 17, 1786Greene County, Tennesseekilled in battle.[31]
Robert CrossmanPrivateBlazeby1810Pennsylvaniakilled in battle.[34]
Antonio Cruz y ArochaPrivateSeguin's cavalryunknownMexicosurvived
David P. CumminsPrivateGonzales Mounted Rangers1809Lewiston, Pennsylvaniakilled in battle.
Robert CunninghamPrivateCarey's companyOctober 18, 1804Ontario County, New Yorkkilled in battle.[35][36]
Jacob C. DarstLieutenantGonzales Mounted RangersDecember 22, 1793Woodford County, Kentuckykilled in battle
John DavisPrivateGonzales Mounted Rangers1811Kentuckykilled in battle[37]
Freeman H.K. DayPrivateWhite's infantry company1806killed in battle
Jerry C. DayPrivate[38]unknown1816[37]Missourikilled in battle[38]
Squire DaymonPrivateCarey1808Tennesseekilled in battle
William DearduffPrivaterode in as part of the "Immortal 32" Gonzales Mounted Rangersc.1811Tennesseekilled in battle
Alexandro de la GarzaPrivateSeguins companyTexassurvived
Stephen DennisonPrivateBlazeby1812England or Irelandkilled in battle
Francis L. DesauqueCaptainDimmittPhiladelphia, Pennsylvaniasurvived
Charles DespallierPrivaterode in as part of the "Immortal 32" Gonzales Mounted Rangers1812Louisianakilled in battle
Lewis DewallPrivateWhite1812Manhattan, New Yorkkilled in battle[41]
Almaron DickinsonCaptainArtillery officer1810Tennesseekilled in battle[41]
James DicksonNew Orleans Greyskilled in battle
John Henry DillardPrivateunknown1805Smith County, Tennesseekilled in battle[43]
Philip DimmittCaptainDimmitt1801Kentuckysurvived
James R. DimpkinsSergeantBlazebyEnglandkilled in battle
Andrew DuvaltPrivateWhite1804Irelandkilled in battle
Carlos EspalierPrivateunknown, but possible Bowie1819San Antonio de Bexar, Texaskilled in battle
José Gregorio EsparzaPrivateSeguins companyFeb. 25, 1802San Antonio de Béxar, Texaskilled in battle[48]
Robert EvansMajor; Master of Ordnanceunknown1800Ireland[50]killed in battle
Samuel B. EvansPrivateunknownJanuary 16, 1812Jefferson County, New Yorkkilled in battle[52]
James L. EwingPrivateCarey1812Tennesseekilled in battle
William Keener FaunterloyPrivateHarrison[53]1814Logan County, Kentucky[52]killed in battle[53]
William FishbaughPrivateGonzales Ranging CompanyunknownAlabama?killed in battle
John FlandersPrivateGonzales Ranging Company1800New Hampshirekilled in battle
Salvador FloresCaptainArtillery officer (under Neill)1806Floresville, Texassurvived
Dolphin Ward FloydPrivateGonzales Ranging CompanyMarch 6, 1804Nash County, North Carolinakilled in battle
John Hubbard ForsythCaptainForsythAugust 10, 1797Avon, New Yorkkilled in battle
Antonio FuentesPrivateSeguins company1813San Antonio de Bexar, Texaskilled in battle
Galba FuquaPrivateGonzales Ranging CompanyMarch 9, 1819Alabamakilled in battle
William GarnettPrivateunknown1812Virginiakilled in battle[59]
James W. GarrandPrivateBlazeby1813Louisianakilled in battle
James Girard GarrettPrivateBlazeby1806Tennesseekilled in battle[59]
John E. GarvinPrivateCarey1809killed in battle
John E. GastonPrivateGonzales Ranging Company1819killed in battle
James GeorgePrivateGonzales Ranging Company1802killed in battle
John C. GoodrichCornetBlazeby or Forsyth1809Virginiakilled in battle[61]
Albert Calvin GrimesPrivateForsyth (possibly)December 20, 1817Georgiakilled in battle
Brigido GuerreroPrivateBowies companyunknownTallenango, Mexicosurvived
James C. GwynnePrivateCarey1804Englandkilled in battle
James HannumPrivateunknown[64]August 8, 1815Pennsylvania[63]killed in battle[64]
John HarrisPrivateGonzales Ranging Company1813Kentuckykilled in battle
Andrew Jackson HarrisonPrivateunknown1809Tennesseekilled in battle[64]
I.L.K. HarrisonunknownHarrison's company (VAC)unknownkilled in battle
William B. HarrisonCaptainHarrison1811Ohiokilled in battle
Joseph M. HawkinsPrivateBaker (possibly)1799Irelandkilled in battle[66]
John M. HaysPrivateBaker (possibly)1814Nashville, Tennesseekilled in battle
Charles M. HeiskellPrivateunknown1813Tennessee (possibly)killed in battle
Patrick Henry HerndonPrivateBaker (possibly)March 1802Virginiakilled in battle[67]
William Daniel HerseeSergeantCarey1805Englandkilled in battle
Benjamin Franklin HighsmithPrivateunknownSeptember 11, 1817St. Charles District, Missouri Territorysurvived[68]
Tapley HollandPrivateCarey1810Ohiokilled in battle[69]
James HollowayNew Orleans Greyskilled in battle
Samuel HollowayPrivateBlazeby1808Pennsylvaniakilled in battle
William D. HowellSurgeon (possibly)Blazeby1791Massachusettskilled in battle
Thomas P. HutchinsonNew Orleans Greyskilled in battle
Thomas JacksonPrivateGonzales Ranging CompanyIrelandkilled in battle
William Daniel JacksonPrivateCarey1807Kentuckykilled in battle
Green B. JamesonMajorStaff officer1807Kentuckykilled in battle[72]
Gordon C. JenningsCorporalCarey1780Pennsylvaniakilled in battle
Damacio JiménezArtillerySeguins companyTexaskilled in battle
JoeSlave of Travisrode in with Travis1813 or 1815United Statessurvived[73]
Lewis JohnsonPrivateCarey (possibly)Illinois Territory (possibly)killed in battle[77]
William JohnsonPrivateCarey (possibly)Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniakilled in battle[78]
William P. JohnsonSergeant (possibly)unknownsurvived
John JonesFirst LieutenantBlazeby1810New Yorkkilled in battle
John Benjamin KelloggRode with Gonzales Mounted Rangers1817Kentuckykilled in battle
James Kenney1814Virginiakilled in battle
Andrew Kentrode in as part of the "Immortal 32" Gonzales Mounted Rangers1798VAkilled in battle
Joseph KerrPrivatemarksman, unknown1814Louisianakilled in battle
George C. KimbleLieutenantGonzales Ranging Company1803Pennsylvaniakilled in battle
William Philip KingPrivaterode in as part of the "Immortal 32" Gonzales Mounted RangersOctober 8, 1820Monroe County, Mississippiyoungest defender killed in the battle
William Irvine LewisPrivate, marksmanwent with Bowie1806Virginiakilled in battle
William J. Lightfoot3rd Corpl.Carey's artillery company1805Kentuckykilled in battle
Jonathan L. LindleyPrivate, artilliarymanCarey's artillery company1814Illinoiskilled in battle
William LinnPrivate, marksmanCapt. Blazeby's infantry companyMassachusettskilled in battle
Byrd LockhartCommissioner, empowered to muster Gonzales Ranging CompanyGonzales Ranging Company1782Virginiasurvived
Toribio LosoyamarksmanSeguín's company1808Texaskilled in battle
George Washington MainLieutenantWhite's infantry co.1807Virginiakilled in battle
William T. MalonePrivate, artilleryCarey's artillery co.1817Georgiakilled in battle
William MarshallPrivate, marksmanBlazeby's infantry co.1808Tennesseekilled in battle
Albert MartinCaptain, courierrode in as part of the "Immortal 32" Gonzales Mounted Rangers1808Rhode Islandkilled in battle
Edward McCaffertyLieutenantBowies companyunknownunknown, Refugio residentkilled in battle
Jesse McCoyPrivate, marksmanGonzales Mounted Rangers1804Tennesseekilled in battle
William McDowellPrivate, marksmanHarrison's company1794Pennsylvaniakilled in battle
James McGeePrivate, marksmanBlazeby's infantry co.unknownIrelandkilled in battle
John McGregorSergeantCarey's company1808Scotlandkilled in battle
Robert McKinneyPrivaterode in with Bowie1809Tennesseekilled in battle
Eliel MeltonQuartermaster with the rank of LieutenantMember of Lt. Col. James C. Neill's staff1798Georgiakilled in battle
Thomas R. MillerPrivate, marksmanGonzales Mounted Rangers1795Tennesseekilled in battle
William MillsPrivate, marksmanrode in with Bowie1815Tennesseekilled in battle
Isaac MillsapsPrivate, marksmanGonzales Mounted Rangersc. 1795Mississippikilled in battle
Edward F. MitchussonAlamo surgeonAlamo hospital1806Virginiakilled in battle
Edwin T. MitchellPrivate, marksmanWhite's infantry co.1806unknownkilled in battle
Napoleon B. MitchellPrivate, artilleryCarey's artillery co.1804unknownkilled in battle
Robert B. MoorePrivate, marksmanBlazeby's company1781Virginiakilled in battle
Willis A. MoorePrivate, marksmanmay have rode in with Bowie1808unknown, Mississippi residentkilled in battle
John MormanNew Orleans Greyskilled in battle
Robert MusselmanSergeantCapt. William Blazeby' infantry company1805Ohiokilled in battle
Andrés NavaPrivate, marksmanSeguín's company1810Texaskilled in battle
Gerald NavanPrivate, couriersurvived
George NegganPrivate, marksmanrode in as part of the "Immortal 32" Gonzales Mounted Rangers1808South Carolinakilled in battle
Andrew M. NelsonPrivate, marksmanunknown, volunteer1809Tennesseekilled in battle
Edward NelsonPrivate, marksmanBaker's company1816S.Carolinakilled in battle
George NelsonPrivate, marksmanBlazeby's infantry1805S.Carolinakilled in battle
Benjamin F. NoblesLieutenant, spyrode with Dimmit's companyunknownunknownsurvived
James NorthcrossPrivate, artilleryCarey's artillery1804Virginiakilled in battle
James NowlanPrivate, marksmanrode with Cooke's N.O.Grey's1809Englandkilled in battle
William Sanders OuryPrivate, marksman, courierfollowed Travis into the AlamoAugust 13, 1817Abingdon, Virginiasurvived
George PaganPrivateunknown, artillery1810unknown, formerly Natchez Mississippikilled in battle
Christopher Adams ParkerPrivate, marksmanrode in with Dimmitt1814unknown, Mississippi residentkilled in battle
William ParksPrivate, marksmanWhite's infantry company1805Rowan County, North Carolinakilled in battle
William Hester PattonAssistant QuartermasterIn-charge of Alamo companies1808Kentuckysurvived
Richardson PerryPrivateCarey's artillery1817Mississippikilled in battle
Amos PollardAlamo SurgeonAlamo hospital, chief surgeon (under Neill)October 29, 1803Ashburnham, Massachusettskilled in battle
John Purdy ReynoldsPrivate, marksman, surgeonHarrison's company1806Pennsylvaniakilled in battle
Thomas H. RobertsPrivate, marksmanBaker's companyunknownunknownkilled in battle
James Waters RobertsonPrivate, marksmanunknown, volunteer1812Tennesseekilled in battle
Isaac Robinson4th SergeantCarey's artillery1808Scotlandkilled in battle
James M. RosePrivate, marksmanCrockett's company1805Ohiokilled in battle
Louis Moses RosePrivate, marksmanBaker's company1785Ardennes, Francesurvived
Jacob RothMajorHarrison's company (VAC)unknownkilled in battle
Jackson J. RuskPrivate, marksmanBaker's companyunknownIrelandkilled in battle
Joseph RutherfordPrivate, marksmanCarey's company1798Kentuckykilled in battle
Isaac RyanPrivate, marksmanWhites infantry1805Louisianakilled in battle
Mial ScurlockPrivate, marksmanunknown, volunteerMay 25, 1809Chatham County, North Carolinakilled in battle
Juan SeguínCaptainCommander of his own cavalry companyOctober 27, 1806San Antonio, Texassurvived
Marcus L. SewellPrivateGonzales Ranging Company1805Englandkilled in battle
Manson ShiedPrivateCapt. William R. Carey's artillery Co.1811Georgiakilled in battle
Cleveland Kinloch SimmonsLieutenantForsyth's companyJune 8, 1815Charleston, South Carolinakilled in battle
Andrew H. SmithPrivate, marksmanForsyth's cavalry1815Tennesseekilled in battle
Charles S. SmithPrivateCarey's artillery1806Marylandkilled in battle
Joshua G. SmithSergeantForsyth's company1808N Carolinakilled in battle
John William Smithscout, guide, courierGonzales Ranging CompanyMarch 4, 1792Virginiasurvived
William H. SmithPrivateWilliam R. Carey's artillery1811unknown, Nacogdoches residentkilled in battle
Launcelot SmitherPrivaterode in with Travis1800unknown, San Felipe resident, formerly Alabamasurvived
Andrew Jackson SowellPrivate, foragerunknown, Gonzales resident, (Sowell, Smith, and Lockhart possibly guided the Gonzales Mounted Rangers back in on Mar.1)June 17, 1815Tennesseesurvived
John SprattNew Orleans Greyskilled in battle
Richard StarrPrivate, marksmanBlazeby's infantry1811Englandkilled in battle
James E. StewartPrivate, marksmanunknown1808Englandkilled in battle
Richard L. StocktonPrivate, marksmanHarrison' company1817New Jerseykilled in battle
A. Spain SummerlinPrivate, marksmanWhite's infantry1817Tennesseekilled in battle
William E. SummersPrivate, marksmanGonzales Ranging Company1812Tennesseekilled in battle
John Sutherland Jr.Private, physicianPatton's Company, Alamo HospitalMay 11, 1792Danville, Pittsylvania County, Virginiasurvived
William DePriest SutherlandPrivate, marksman, physicians assistantPatton's Company, Alamo HospitalAugust 10, 1818Tennessee, Navidad, Tx. resident, formerly Alabamakilled in battle
Edward TaylorPrivatemarksman, unknown1812Tennesseekilled in battle
George TaylorPrivatemarksman, unknown1816Tennesseekilled in battle
James TaylorPrivatemarksman, unknown1814Tennesseekilled in battle
William TaylorPrivatemarksman, unknown1799Tennesseekilled in battle
B. Archer M. ThomasPrivatemarksman, Capt.Harrison's company1818Kentuckykilled in battle
Henry ThomasPrivatemarksman, Capt. William Blazeby's infantry1811Germanykilled in battle
Jesse G. ThompsonPrivatemarksman, unknown1798Arkansaskilled in battle
John W. ThomsonPrivate, surgeon, marksmanAlamo hospital1807N Carolinakilled in battle
John, M. Thurston2nd Lt.Forsyth's cavalry company1812Pennsylvaniakilled in battle
Burke TrammelPrivateCarey's company1810Irelandkilled in battle
William B. TravisLt. ColonelCommander of his own cavalry company, fully commanded Alamo on 2/24/1836August 9, 1809Edgefield District, South Carolinakilled in battle
George W. TumlinsonPrivateCarey's artillery1814Missourikilled in battle
James TyleePrivatemarksman, unknown1795New Yorkkilled in battle
Asa WalkerPrivate, marksmanCapt. Robert White's infantry company (Bexar Guards)1813Tennesseekilled in battle
Jacob WalkerPrivateCapt. William R. Carey artillery company1799Tennesseekilled in battle
William B. WardSergeantunknown, fought near artillery at main gate1806Irelandkilled in battle
Henry WarnellPrivateCapt. William R. Carey artillery company1812Resident of Arkansassurvived
Joseph George WashingtonPrivatemarksman, Harrison's companyca. 1808Tennesseekilled in battle
Thomas WatersPrivateCapt. William R. Carey's artillery company1812Englandkilled in battle
William Wellsmarksman, unknownCapt. William H. Patton's company1798Hall County, Georgiakilled in battle
Isaac WhiteSergeantunknownunknownunknownkilled in battle
Robert WhiteCaptainCommander of his own infantry company, the Bexar Guards1806unknown, Gonzales residentkilled in battle
Hiram James WilliamsonSergeant-Major of the garrisonIn-charge of the Alamo companies1810Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniakilled in battle
William Willsunknownunknownunknownunknownkilled in battle
David L. Wilsonunknownfollowed Dimmitt to Bexar1807Scotlandkilled in battle
John Wilsonunknownunknown1804Pennsylvaniakilled in battle
Anthony WolfunknownCapt. William R. Carey artillery companyFebruary 17, 1782Spainkilled in battle
Claiborne Wrightunknownrode in as part of the "Immortal 32" Gonzales Mounted Rangers1810North Carolinakilled in battle
Charles Zancolieutenantordnance (under Neill)1808Randers, Denmarkkilled in battle
JohnunknownHopewell believes he entered the Alamo with Bowie[157]unknownunknownkilled in battle .[

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