Sunday, September 18, 2011

The fact is...

I have to publish the second Cruel New World book.  The first book was just a taste apparently.  I've got zero bad feed back except on people not getting their books or the missing chapter.  I hate it and I wish there was something I could do about it.  We all took a hit on that one and without going into great detail, I'm not receiving any royalties from the first book.  That stinks but when you are new to this, its easy to get burned.  The money isn't the thing. 

Right now, I'm hyped up on the fact that everybody who sees me is asking about the next book.  A lot of people see us building a new media just for us and our type.  There is a handful of authors right now turning out books and watching each other's backs best we can.  We don't all agree on everything and hardly any of us write about the same things.  I'm proud to say though that things are looking up and pretty soon you'll be able to expand your nationalists bookshelf with more fictional works, books on religion, revolution and maybe even politics. 

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