Friday, March 30, 2012

Someone who can draw.

I need a handful of sketches done for a small handbook-section of one of my books or just a new Cruel New World website.  They don't have to be very detailed but I get tired of using random pictures off the web to give the readers of this blog a basic visual as to what I'm talking about.  It works but I don't like doing it. 

The typical Moldy is the one I need a sketch of most.  Male or female would be fine.  And before anyone starts to draw one, keep in mind two things:  first, a moldy is in no way related to a zombie.  Second, whatever drawing I select for this blog will be the one others work off far into the future.  Unless I die, the Cruel New World thing is going on for a long, long time into the future.  I've got a lot of plans for it and social metaphore, high adventure and future-history are always on the table. 

Here is what a moldy looks like in words:

Height:  human ranges based on age, sex and former racial make-up.
Weight:  normally slender due to increase motabalism.
Eye color:  frequently gray, pink or black
Hair:  patchy or thin in places.  Many wear wigs or head wraps. 
Skin:  Covered in purple or red rashes or mold-like scars from said rashes.  Sometimes accompanied by unusual hair growth in the scar area.  Note:  the more heavily rashed or scared a moldy is, the more likely he or she is to have nerve damage.
Dress:  Many moldies have stopped wearing shoes due to loss of sensation in their feet.  This is esecially true in warmer climants.  Where foot hazards are present, they often wear rubber sandles made from automobile tires.  Most wear discarded clothing though some such as Warm Star Community were clothes made from hemp which resemble earth-tone pajammas.  Fetcher gangs wear backpacks and other load carrying gear as well as carry gas masks or homemade respirators.  Most Fetcher gangs wear old military uniforms though Mars tribe issues their own Fetcher gangs with brand new Urban camo uniforms with the Mars Tribe logo on an arm patch. 

Most of the coastal moldies wear shorts to save on material and wear fewer animal skins than others living in rural areas.  White Buck Tribe has their own black and brown military uniform which is supplies to them by their trade partners, Mars Tribe. 

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