Thursday, April 12, 2012

Patrols in Sanford Florida

I hate to inject anything political or non-fiction onto my blog aside from the occasional photo from the border.  This blog is mainly for promoting my book series.  But this has to be said:  yes, there are NSM patrols making their rounds in Sanford, Florida.  I haven't been down there to check things out as of yet but I know guys who are definitely patrolling.  Even a few other groups have mounted small 5 or 6 man patrol teams to help out. 

I like the NSM's position on it all.  They aren't the judge and jury of what happened.  However, the majority of the anti-white left is.  To them, the Gospel is Zimmerman being a gun toting white man who's hobby was riding around trying to find a justifiable homicide he could commit on a black person to satisfy his racist bloodlust.  His victim was a saintly 12 year old child, as the media would have you believe.  Zimmerman isn't a white guy, isn't any sort of nationalist or even seems to harbor any right wing views aside from the obvious (gun ownership).  But I wasn't there.  I can imagine what happened but that's all I'd be doing:  imagining.  You can't get certified in police forensics using your imagination. 

Talking to one of the guys who is patrolling down there, it seems fairly quiet by Florida standards.  Nobody has ran into trouble so far and everything has gone fairly smooth.  The NSM has gained a lot of much needed experience working alongside the U.S. Border Guard in on the US/Mexican border and it is paying off now.  That isn't to say they couldn't use JT Ready or Harry Hughes out there right now.  That being said, these aren't patrols through the Cartel controlled CZ either.  It is a whole different ballgame and the guys doing the patrols know that.  Much caution is being taken to not create any more ripples than is already there. 

Let's all hope things end on a peaceful note and soon in Sanford.

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