Wednesday, May 9, 2012

AJ shows us how to be a man about it. (Updated)

Aj is a soldier.  He's the type that whose body you'd expect to step over post-battle at the Alamo.  He is probably the finest example of a border ranger out there and in my opinion, a damn fine human being. 

He was always a quiet guy and at our first meeting, I didn't peg him as a nationalist until after we swapped a few jokes.  AJ was loyal to JT sure, but more so to the mission at hand.  JT gave him a lot of lip too, which he patiently endured.  The man could patrol all day in 100 degree heat and stop to change a tire in five minutes.  All that considered, he was a friend to everybody out there.  Without him, we'd have spent more time trying to make it to the freeway on foot than doing what we had set out to do. 

Aj said the most I'd ever seen him say on his facebook page today.  It looks like he has turned and  faced the demon looming at our backs since the start.  His post is in response to the article on the Veterans Today site which initially gave us a glimmer of hope. 

"After reviewing the 9-11 recordings in their entirety, I request that this article be amended in respect to Lisa and her family. I can verify it is her voice, and after the 1st gunshot, you can hear JT say "You fucked up" before moving to kill Lisa. Its with a sick and heavy heart that I say that JT dishonored himself and betrayed us all, but mostly he betrayed Lisa, who took him in during some of his darkest days. He betrayed Amber and Hiott, who tried to help him with his campaign, and patrolled with him, and betrayed the innocent, little Lily, who was only just beginning her adventure through life, all people he had sworn to protect."


For someone who doesn't talk much, he said it all.  The sadness of all this is crushing.  But we have to face it for what it is now.  I respect AJ and I know he'd never go off half-cocked on anything, much less something as important as this. 

I'll never, ever get the image of that little girl's face from my mind.  She'll be there in my dreams and thoughts for the rest of my life.  But we'll continue on. 

They say in every life a little rain must fall.  I guess we're in a downpour with zero visibility right now. 

If AJ wants me to, I'll take down his post.  It just hit me as something that needed to be said at this point. 

UPDATE:  AJ asked that I add this to the post. 

Yeah, just put an addendum in there: JT was a strong, outspoken, and natural leader. He put himself out there so we didn't have to. He took the brunt of the abuse and hatred from the media, and put the crosshairs on himself if it ever would have come down to a cartel hit. His downfall may be pride, he was too proud to realize he needed help, since he was so used to showing a strong hand to our adversaries. I wish I had known he needed more help, or another place to stay, since it appears Lisa and JT were not getting along, though whenever I visited it didn't seem apparent, as far as I knew, she supported his efforts to stop narco-terrorism and the war against Americans. To all the Patriots out there, be strong, but stop and take inventory now and again. The struggle for survival is not going to be won in a single generation, as it has taken decades for us to get where we are, and we cannot afford to lose anymore Patriots.

And there you have it.  I'm going to expand on this more later but I agree with AJ, JT positively needed help.  He'd mentioned to me that he suffered from PTSS from things that happened to him while he was a Marine.  He had a quick temper as well, but always seemed to rapidly get it under control.  Nobody here is making an excuse for him or what happened.  All we can do is help provide a few hints as to what was going on in his head. 

I did know that he was in a complicated living situation.  However, I didn't think it was so much the result of a relationship going sour as it was his desire to be closer to the action.  With fuel prices at record highs, we all were trying to come up with ways to be closer to the border.  We'd talked a lot about campers and for all I knew, he was working on getting one.  He was going to pull it close to where we deployed from and live there most of the time.  It was my idea since I had a camper at a retreat once, which I had lived in comfort on and off.  I had told him that it was a difficult thing to secure but simple to maintain and highly mobile.  We'd talked about solar and wind power next.  If we'd ever completed the project sooner, maybe things would have been different.  IF IF IF.


  1. It's sad stories like this that reaffirms to me that I made the right decision in getting away from this so-called "movement".

    I never knew JT, but I gave the cartel angle consideration considering where he lived and what he was doing with the border patrol and running for sheriff.

    My condolences to the extended family of all those JT Ready murdered.

    Perhaps this tragedy will get the people that thought they knew JT thinking about their priorities in life. I pray for all those involved (I have been praying for Jesus Christ to save Chris Drake for some time now), and hope that they come to realize that they need salvation that can only be found in Jesus Christ. 1Cor. 15:1-4

    Christ's love.

  2. You know, I'm a lot more open minded towards the church than I used to be. Though I believe in the Old Gods and always will, they are followed by equally flawed people, same as the Christian church.

    Recently, an assembly that I was loosely associated with caved to homosexuals. Someone didn't have enough backbone, didn't care enough about what was right or was just afraid to take a stand. Either way, the same Marxist brush that first painted a church called The People's Temple, is now hard at work on Heathenry/Odinism. Damn those who stand by and do nothing.

    That being said, I share more common ground with a Christian that takes a stand for what is right than I do with an Odinist who will stand back and let evil prevail. Lately I've been attending Christian functions with my family and felt comfortable in doing so for the first time in ages. Occasionally I read the Bible but I don't see how anyone can reason that it isn't all a spin-off of the Jewish religion. That was always a deal-breaker question that was either poorly answered or not answered at all.

    Yes, the acceptance of gays has done a lot to shake my ties with organized Odinism. The Christian church is not innocent of this either, by any means. I know people are going to say, "not all" or "a minority" do but that is more of a reason that it all should have been shut down as soon as they were visiable in either camp. I'm not a particularely anti-homosexual individual but I am someone respects religious assembly enough to never dream of allowing such types to enter, covered in their filth which they hope to spread on others.

    I've known some good Christians and some terrible people claiming to be Christians. The image of the latter sticks in my mind each time I get that warm handshake from someone handing out church programs. I've known very few bad Odinists but I've met a few who were spineless. We're only as strong as our weakest link though.

    But I'd rather sit in a church with people who would bar the door against those the Marxists, Zionists and the perverts with an agenda. I'd rather sit with the Christians who would stand up for what is right any day than stand in a circle with gays and Odinists who are afraid to offend them. Our ancestors weren't afraid to sail the freezing oceans or charge into bloody melees, but the Gods are supposed to understand that we are too cowardly to disallow two queer men holding hands to come before them.

    My religion, even growing up, felt like a solitary thing. Now though, I worship the Old Gods, it is again. When I stand up for what I feel is right, I do so without a thought to the faiths of those around me.

    I'll expand on this more later.

    As far as people praying for me to be saved, switch to praying that no more little girls are shot to death in their homes. An armored vest, quick-clot and an AK-74 are watching over me.

  3. The weapons and body armor you wrote about are excellent means of protection for your physical body, but what I was actually praying for was the saving and preservation of your immortal soul. I know it sound pompous of me, but I can assure you that is not my intention--I can't express it any other way, which is a failing on my part.

    Yes, there are horrible Christians out there and appear to men to be just as lost as everyone else, If we could be perfect we wouldn't need saving or a redeemer. That's the's by grace and not merit.

    Has nothing to do with what church or assembly you belong to or what religion either (lots of lost folk attend church every Sunday). Religion is for suckers. It boils down to this: If you believe Jesus Christ died on the cross, was buried and rose again the third day and you trust that he paid for your sins by doing the aforementioned above, then you are SAVED and sealed for all time. Some people cannot grasp it or understand it let alone believe it. Maybe there WAS a time you believe this (and if you did you are actually saved now).

    I guess I will just leave it at that.

    Christ's love

  4. Got an email address, stranger? Either you are a dear old friend or another stalker.


    Email in Christ.

  6. I really doubt any of this is from the real Vonbluvens. I don't moderate this blog's comment section so I guess I asked for it.

  7. Chris, I have nothing to do with that vonbluvenscadre website and that is NOT my email address. I still have the same old email address (you know the one Daryl Lamont use to have up on his rogues gallery--the comcast email that is).

    I am the real von that put flames on your tat about five years ago if you need a bonafide.

    BTW- I did make the first two comments. Sorry if I offended came from the heart.

  8. Mike,

    Honestly, it came at a really good time and I appreciate the comments. You are always welcome on my blog. These are some very dark days indeed and they grow darker regardless of individual politics. No matter what we do to try to make things right, it still blows up in our faces as always. I'll email you later on so we can catch up. That is, if I can get Crybaby to go to bed at a reasonable hour!

    Your friend,

  9. Chris,

    Reading the reports of this tragedy (I didn't want to believe it either) of how your friend truly died I figured you were feeling especially low.

    Me commenting here was a case of "I feel your pain" I suppose. What I said to you may or may not be appropriate, but I figured that there may not be another time for me to say it.

    Christ's love to you.

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