Monday, July 9, 2012

Books and projects. Rumors.

The second Cruel New World book is finished and needs editing.  I started on the third but decided to take a break and write Baron of the Coast.  About 75% of the way through Baron of the Coast, JT was killed and I slowed down writing it.  I had started a book with JT called "Rip Crew" and now I'm thinking about just adding that book in with one about JT himself and the "situation." 

I reached a good stopping point with Baron of the Coast and decided to come back to it in a month and finish up the last few chapters.  The book is running long and there is a possibility that I'll chop it in half and make it two books. 

Meanwhile, I'm working on a short little book about a maniac.  This book is somewhat based on real events but then dives headlong into fiction.  This book is about one of the many lunatics I've met in my travels.  Most of them have been disgusting portraits of humanity that I wouldn't be able to write more than a page about.  However, this guy was almost a cartoon of himself.  The book does involve real people and at least one person would have to approve a rough draft of the book for me to get it published.  I'm not doing anything that is an invasion of someone's privacy or something that could serve to be an extension of someone's suffering.  That is one reason the book on JT is going so slowly--I'm trying to consider everyone involved.  This book is one of those home-run books that writes itself.  I'm about 1/4 done with it and I'm in a huge rush to finish it.  The main character in the book is such a nut that it makes me feel a little crazy after working on it for a few hours. 

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  1. Don't tell me, Marty Lindstedt was your inspiration for the main character. Am I right or am I right?