Monday, October 17, 2011

The Occupy scene

It's really kind of funny to see how vague and inarticulate the Occupy crowd is as a whole.  Wallstreet...corporate fat cats...bankers...yeah, we know.  Even as vague as that is, it is at least downrange. 

Let me tell you what I'd say if I was down protesting for days on end.  First, I'd point out that I'd just now woken up to the fact that I'm a slave with a golden collar (to borrow a phrase from an old friend).  Next, I'm here to challenge the notion that this is a free country and ask that my collar be removed so I can fail or succeed on my own.  No banks, no credit cards, no loans of any kind.  Basically, I'd have to do that because taking long periods of time off work to protest would mean I'd have to file for bankruptcy anyhow.  Then I'd remind whoever I was speaking to that this is exactly how WW2 started. 

Revolution in Europe started against capitalism then against capitalism and communism.  When it was all over, the capitalists and communist unevenly divided things up and went on their way.  So when you think left-right wing this and that, remember that fact. 

Cheap labor is brought in to make sure your demands for higher wages are ignored.  You are told to celebrate diversity while it all gets set up.  Meanwhile, the police state welcomes the climate that sort of arrangement brings.  Sure, multi-cultural society works, you just need enough police, prisons, laws and soldiers. 

Remember June 17th, 1953. 

To the powers that be, I dare you to try that here.  You've played commies and German workers.  Now come see what happens when you play commies and American dissidents.   

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