Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Promoting Cruel New World

This is just a note to everyone out there who is following the book.  I don't promote it.  There is a long story behind it and I'm just ready to get the whole experience behind me.  Since I don't receive any royalties for the book and the one you are buying currently is missing an entire chapter, I don't do a thing to promote it.  If you do puchase it, I guess it would serve as a little background for the other two books that have already been written but are not published yet. 

It would be easy to give up on writting books at this point.  I guess I was just naive and got burned for it.  However, I know what to look for this time and what to avoid.  Hopefully, these hard lessons learned can serve someone else in the future and keep them from making the same mistakes. 

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